November 11, 2005

voluntaryXchange: Putting the Lie to Root Causes

Via Tim Worstall VoluntaryXchange uses hurricane Katrina to perform a little experiment on the standard socialist model of crime, that it is all due to the economic depervation of the criminals (who are therefore also 'victims' too of the Eeeeevil capitalist system). If this hypothosis is correct:
Katrina increased poverty by wrecking employers, increased income inequality by eliminating the income of people with few assets while having less effect on their wealthier and better diversified neighbors. And ... I think it's reasonable to conclude that is has increased discrimination, either by flame-fanning from Jesse Jackson and his ilk, or the spread of malicious urban myths by the legacy media.
So in the standard socialist model crime should have gone way up, and still be way up since the City has yet to return to it's former state and won't for some time. However
crime is down in New Orleans. Way down. Way, way, way down. Something like 10-20% of former residents are back in New Orleans, but the rate of violent crimes is down much more. Murder is down literally 100% - there has not been a recorded murder in New Orleans in going on 3 months.
So the Standard Socialist model is obviously faulty.


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